Team Members


Jesse Atkinson - Founder

Hometown: Washington D.C.
Specialty: Graveyard Driver

Founder of ADRA eSports. Known as the "Pink Panther" and "One Man Band" in dirt racing. 

Brady Floyd - Co-Founder

Age: 22
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Specialty: Super-Speedway

21 year old sim racer from South Carolina, fairly new to road but just looking to be consistent and clean while having a good time with teammates.

Noah Walter - Co-Founder

Age: 20
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Specialty: Setups/Car Chief

Content creator under the name "forecloak", primary car sponsor for multiple drivers, and is a refrigeration laboratory technician for a day job
"Are you sure about that..?" "Okay what happened now?"

Adrian Fernandez

Age: 19
Hometown: Fernandina Beach, Florida
Specialty: Mazda

Been on iRacing for 2 years. I compete part-time for ADRA and Full-time with the CMS Pro team in VSCA. I've been slowly becoming part of the pro eSports world competing in various broadcasted series. "No Please, not the bread!!"

Ben McDonnell

Hometown: San Diego, California
Specialty: West Coast

The Tall man from California taking on the challenges of racing. A whole new world of opportunities await as he is only a few years into his racing journey and still has plenty to learn. Mainly driving in big oval competition, Ben likes to try his hand in other forms of racing as Road Racing and Dirt Racing are a good outlook going down his racing career. Learning to be consistent and trying to race in the hardest competition possible, he looks to go the furthest possible in any opportunity he has.
"Let's get it!" - Ben McDonnell

Ben Pierce


Brett Murphy

Hometown: Worcester, MA

iRacing Daytona 500 2022 Champion, Ventnation iRacing Central Champion, 8 years in iRacing

Brin George

Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Specialty: Awareness

I am a driver for ADRAe and FMR. Been on iRacing for about 3 years now. I also am a Co-Owner for Five Points Racing League. Lastly i'm a huge Tyler Reddick Fan

"Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... that's what gets you." - Jeremy Clarkson

Bryan Liranzo


Chris Pearce

Age: 19
Hometown: Illinois
Specialty: Logistics

Founder of Pearce Graphics and Homebrew Racing. Not quite an alien yet, I aim for respectful and close racing, and focus on having a good time at the wheel. I hopes to keep on improving as an all-round driver in both road and oval disciplines. Hell yeah brother!  
"My cheeks were clenched for that one!" - Chris

David Gibbs

Age: 19
Hometown: Fernandina Beach, FL
Specialty: Florida Man



David Mudge

Doug Newbigging


Emma Carter

Hometown: Michigan, USA
Specialty: High Downforce


Transgender sim racer from the mitten. Back from a break from endurance racing as she didn't want to be seen going through an identity crisis. Enjoys all things cars, air traffic controlling, and cooking shows
"Sometimes you drip so hard you drown"

Gavin Jones

Hunter Greenfield

Jacob McMillen

Jeffrey Belk


Jeremy Lapainis


Justin Bondurant


Luke Peters


Luke Strayer

Age: 26
Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA
Specialty: Turning Left

Hi, I’m Luke. I can turn left pretty fast. Probably listening to music while driving and can be heard saying What? A lot
"There’s only like 5 cars left can we at least try to go for a win" -Chad Knaus 

Matt Moreau

Hometown: Bloomsfield, NY

I have 13 karting wins and 2, 6 cylinder wins. My limited iRacing wins are nothing to brag about

Ollie Reaves


Quinn Gingrich

Specialty: Never Centered

Travis Lapainis


Tyler Aspinall


Will Cloud

Hometown: New Jersey
Specialty: Direct Drive


Sim racer out of New Jersey. Just trying to do 3 things: Win, have fun, and not wreck. Also a huge Nascar fan. Jimmie Johnson is the best there ever was and Joey Logano sucks 

Zachary Thornton


Contact email:
Discord: Teddy#0706